Get into Action.

Transform your Quality of Life.

Go from overweight, exhausted & miserable to energised & finally comfortable in your body! Find out what's possible for you!

Get into Action.

Transform your 
Quality of Life.

I'll help you go from Exhausted & Over It to Energised & Loving It! Find out what's possible for you!



Transform your Quality of Life.

Are you exhausted, overwhelmed, or just miserable in life at the moment? How long has it been like this - Months? Years? Decades!?

I'm sure you know it doesn't need to be like this, but we get sucked into the hectic pace of life, where something always needs to be done. But the to-do list is never finished! And how often do you put yourself - your health, your needs, your interests - on the to-do list?? I'm pretty sure it's less often than you'd really like..

Well, there is another way!

The secret is simple consistent steps in the right direction - but of course you knew that.. So that's why I've developed a system to keep you on track! I can show you the first steps to getting off the fence and moving into Action!

It's about time you feel comfortable in your body. It's about time you can handle stress, have greater resilience and better mental health, and a richer connection with yourself and the people around you! The result is you feeling energised like never before!

I mean - Who doesn't want this in life?? Right!?

So, how do we do that together? We start with your Energy, Motivation, & Clarity - the rest flows from there!


Get more Energy

We'll work together to discover how you can sleep better, be more active, and know what actually energises you - all of which results in more energy to do life!

Get more Comfort

You'll learn that "no pain no gain" is a belief worth leaving behind! Through adjusting movement patterns you'll experience comfort in your body like never before.

Get more Results

I'll show you how to take on your health goals in a whole new way, whether you want to lose weight, build strength, reduce pain, or just feel more comfy in your body!

Get more Time

With a focus on sustainable progress and balance in life, we'll explore how much you can actually fit into 168 hours a week! And believe me - its more than you currently do!

Get more Structure

I'll show you how simple building habits and changing behaviours can be! You'll shift long held patterns and make a lasting positive impact on your health and lifestyle!

Get more Happy!

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be living a happy and healthy life! I will be your guide on this journey and show you what is truly possible!


Exercise Physiology.

We all have access to a powerful medicine - Physical Activity! But did you know that a majority of us don't use it!?

There is SO much research on why movement is amazing for us. We know this intuitively, even if we don't want to admit it.

We get fitter, we get stronger, we lose weight, our joints are happier, our mood is lifted, we get more attractive. We just feel and live BETTER!

Exercise physiologists have been trained specifically to prescribe exercise as medicine. I should know, I'm one of them! You would be amazed at what exercise can do - let me show you!

Health Coaching.

We all have this thing called Health. Sometimes its good, sometimes not so good. And we all know, life is WAY harder when our health isn't good..

When we want to improve something, and to make sure we don't waste time and energy, we get a teacher or coach. 

Put these two together and it's clear - to get the best Health possible, in the shortest time, and to make sure it sticks - you need a Health coach!

That's where I come in. With my background in exercise, and my passion for sustainable behaviour change, I can show you the way forward like no-one has shown you before!


This is the first time I’ve been given a clear overview.

" Thank you for the explanation about resetting my posture. I’ve been told frequently that my posture needs correcting to address my pain issues, and despite a lot of stretch and strengthening programs, this is the first time I’ve been given a clear overview that I can practice each day"

Sharon P


These stretches helped just following you today!

" Fantastic thankyou! My shoulders and neck have been giving me grief for years. I will continue with these stretches as helped just following you today!"

Diana B


Michael made a long term difference to my health and fitness.

" Before seeing Michael I knew I needed to improve my health and fitness but felt overwhelmed about how to start. His approach suited me, he made me see how I could make smaller changes that fitted into my life.

I now walk almost every day with lots of hills and stairs. It has become part of my life! I’d say seeing Michael made a long term difference to my health and fitness."

Kay L


About Me.

I'm an exercise physiologist & health coach on a mission to unlock my client's potential and dramatically improve their quality of life - YOUR quality of life!

I've specialised in behaviour change and habits as they relate to overall health and lifestyle. For the past 10+ years I've been on a deliberate journey, crafting my unique approach on how to get you off the fence, and get into consistent action towards your ideal future.

Come on the journey with me, and we'll transform your life together!

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Are you exhausted, overwhelmed or miserable? 
It's time to find out what's possible for you!

It's time to get in Action. It's time to transform your Quality of Life! Book a session and get started today: