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Research Databases often return hundreds of studies for a single search, so this section highlights key information that can be gained from the current research.

Health and Wellness Coaching (HWC) in Serving the Needs of Today’s Patients: A Primer for Healthcare Professionals

Summary: HWC is a promising, cost-effective approach of delivering thoughtful, comprehensive, and supportive healthcare that serves the needs of all patients.. It is also clear that finding innovative ways of supporting patients and their need for enhanced quality of life and well-being, within and outside of the formal healthcare setting, should also be an integrated part and a priority of our healthcare models.

Chronic Diseases and Employment: Which Interventions Support the Maintenance of Work and Return to Work among Workers with Chronic Illnesses? A Systematic Review

Abstract: Finally, coaching is effective for the self-management of chronic disease and significantly improved perceptions of working capacity and fatigue.

How effective is health coaching in reducing health services expenditures?

Conclusions: Health coaching led to significant reductions in outpatient and total expenditures for high-risk plan enrollees. Future studies analyzing both health outcomes and claims data are needed to assess the cost-effectiveness of health coaching in specific populations

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