Are you leaving success
on the table?

Say goodbye to feeling exhausted, being trapped by stress, and not knowing how to get what you want from your life.

Honestly, does this sound familiar?

Are you constantly exhausted, on the edge of burnout?

Are you stuck in a rut, either with your health or your career?

Are you time poor, and can't seem to get it all done?

Are you not getting the results you want in life and work?

Do your problems seem to follow you around wherever you go?

If you answered yes to any of the above.. I get it, I've lived it too! 

Hi, I'm Michael..

I'm a Health Coach and Exercise Physiologist with more than 7 years experience in guiding my clients towards sustainable behaviours that result in improved performance at work and greater satisfaction in life. I've done this work across corporate and clinical settings, with all kinds of people.

I've also personally experienced and overcome many challenges in my health and career, and I can promise you there is a better way forward!

I help business professionals prioritise and transform their wellbeing

Through working with thousands of people I've discovered that the average person tends to be passive where it counts most, even the 'high achievers' who we assume have everything worked out.

That's why I'm committed to showing people just like you how to be proactive in life, work and health, to create the results you truly desire.

Do you want to ..

Connect To Limitless Energy

Motivation and willpower are unreliable, and are often the blamed for failure and setbacks. Thankfully there are ways to create energy and action that will serve you across your life.

Unlock Your Hidden Strengths

You might not realise but you have untapped strength and wisdom locked up in your past, just waiting to help you transform your future. It's time you learnt how to access these resources!

Reduce Your Mental Load

With life and work being so busy, it's no surpise that you feel overwhelmed at times. Stay on top by gaining clarity around how to best spend your time and reduce your daily tension.

You may not believe it now, but significant positive change is possible in life, and it doesn't need to take years to achieve it. There is a different way to relate to yourself and your life, and I want to show you how!


EmpowerMe Coaching

Smiling ethnic male employee in formal apparel with fists up against crop unrecognizable coworkers in workspace
  • Become you're own competitive advantage
  • Learn systems for success, that can be applied in life, work and health
  • Connect to your deepest values, desires and latent strengths, like never before
  • Learn new tools that will support your growth, and fast track your results
  • Create a growth mindset, leading to greater success in a shorter time

What Are The Modules

Explore Who You Are

It may seem obvious, but until you know exactly who & where you are currently, you can't even begin to plan where you're going and how you'll get there. This first step is essential to the weeks that follow, and to success in life generally.

Build Momentum

Not growing is a sure way to stay stuck. Instead, start changing your life and subconscious with new frameworks that offer new growth and new possibilities. Also discover what holds you back and why you sabotage yourself.

Discover Your Purpose

Discover what is truly important to you, both at a surface level and a deeper level that is often hidden from view. Knowing this is a resource that breeds motivation and allows you to connect to your true purpose and values in life.

Create Opportunity

Holding onto pain from the past only affects your future. Instead, discover how to create opportunities from releasing trapped emotions. There is always deep learning from these emotions, and great relief when they are released.

Connect To Wisdom

Learn from your past in a way you've never done before, to elevate your experience of the present. Reframe past memories into wise teachers, challenge and transform your limiting beliefs, and harness the power of past successes.

Become The Expert Of You

Searching externally for solutions will become a thing of the past. Learn to interpret your daily life and never need to ask anyone "Why?" again. Experience the life changing connection to yourself through using focus, balance and awareness.

Systems For Results

Approaching your to-do list in an adhoc manner and not taking actions that matter will become a thing of the past! Learn a simple but effective systematic approach to planning and taking actions that will lead to your ultimate results.

What's included?

  • 8x coaching sessions on Zoom or phone - 85 min initial, remainder are 55 min
  • Communication between sessions via Slack, response within 48 hrs
  • Access to private community and insider content for life
  • BONUS - a workstation review, to maximise your effectiveness and comfort at work
  • BONUS - a gift pack to support you through the program, mailed within 48hrs of booking
  • VIP BONUS 3x 1:1 coaching sessions, to book within 3 months of program completion
  • VIP BONUS - Communication via Slack extended until your last session

Sarah Walker | TV Director
Since working with Michael I've felt an amazing internal shift.

My vision for my life and work has been refocused and energised, and every week I'm moving closer to my goals due to the actionable steps from each session. Thanks so much!

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Andy Griffing  |  Founder & Entrepreneur
Michael is a superbly skilled and empathetic operator. He will deliver massive value if you let him!

Having his targeted knowledge has saved me substantial time and pain, whilst delivering consistent results I didn't think were possible given the relatively small investment of time per day.

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Investment Options

Payment Plan

Simple and effective way to get started



per fortnight for 3mth

  • 8x 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Communication between sessions via Slack
  • Access to private community and insider content for life
  • BONUS   Workstation review


Go all in with your growth



extra coaching & support

  • 8x 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Communication between sessions via Slack
  • Access to private community and insider content for life
  • BONUS  Workstation review
  • BONUS  A gift pack to support you through the program
  • ADDITIONAL   3x 1:1 coaching sessions, to book within 3 months of program completion
  • ADDITIONAL   Communication via Slack extended until last session

Josh Morar  |  Sales Team Coach
Michael is a really great coach and was able to get to the heart of what was holding me back!

I now have a new understanding of how to get the most from my time and energy, and I feel really hopeful for the future. Amazing Michael, thanks!

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Kerry Levi  |  Retired Teacher
Michael has helped me to broaden sphere of attention, that I'm more than my chronic health conditions.

I'm now refreshed and inspired to do what I need to do. Thanks Michael!

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Haven't you been stuck where you're at now for long enough? What's really holding you back, and what are you doing about it? Now is the time to invest in yourself. I'm really excited to start working with you!

Michael Keogh
PS Not sure if this is for you? Send me a message here and let's have a chat.