You made it, your recommended habits will..

Revitalise Your Energy

All things start with having Energy!

If you don't have enough energy, everything is harder! Especially making difficult changes to your life to establish new habits. 

Getting this right make everything easier, so it's time to get on top of your Sleep and Stress!

Choose a couple of the habits below and experiment with them for at least 30 days before saying they don't work. Some won't stick, but some will make ALL the difference!

First - A Thought on Behaviour Change

When we set out to change our habits, we tend to set our goals and expectations unreasonably high, setting ourselves up to fail in the process. Instead of being attached to the goal, be committed to consistent actions that will take you to your goal. Focus on the journey and let the destination take care of itself.

How do you do this? Determine how much time could you realistically spare for your new habits each week. It may only be 5 minutes a day, or one 30 minute block. Whatever it is, make this the absolute minimum time commitment to developing this habit every week! And if the time you chose initially is too much, then revise and commit less time.

Whatever time you do commit to, it wants to feel totally manageable and achievable. If you do more you'll feel MORE successful and accomplished, view it as a bonus! The alternative is trying for too much, and feeling like a failure because you can't meet this the majority of the time. And give yourself a break, 5 days a week of a 'daily' habit will still make a huge difference in your life!

How to Improve Your Sleep

  • Build routines around sleepHave a regular bedtime and wake time. See the sunlight as soon as you wake up. Follow the same steps before bedtime each night.
  • Electronics away - No TV, laptops or phones in the bedroom. The bedroom is for sleep and sex.
  • Move your body - Exercise every day. Not too close to bedtime and don't overheat yourself.
  • Still your mind - Mentally wind down before bedtime. Meditate. Have a notepad & pen by your bed to jot down intrusive or ruminating thoughts.
  • Avoid sleep disruptors - Alcohol can affect you sleep quality. Don't check the time if you wake up at night.
  • Have a sleep friendly bedroom - Dark. Quiet. Comfortable temperature. Consider the different needs of you and your partner.
  • Consider sleep supporters - Increase bright light exposure during the day. Wear blue blocking glasses. Take sleep related supplements. Have a red night light.
  • Rule out a sleep disorder - You may benefit from medical support, consider seeing your GP.

How to Reduce Your Stress

  • Meditate - Sit quietly. Focus on your deep breathing or what you're grateful for. Slow your heart rate. Relax.
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation - Starting at your head, tense then relax your muscles. Repeat as you move down your body.
  • Change your environment - Go for a walk. Take a time-out. Remove yourself from the stress. Talk the stressor through with a friend for another perspective.
  • Reassess your To-Do list - Reduce your workload. Be happy with only completing the most important things each day. Delegate or eliminate stressful tasks.
  • Physical contact - Hug someone. Hold hands. Pat someone on the back. See loved ones offline and in person as often as possible.
  • Aromatherapy - Cook your favourite food. Visit a garden. Use essential oils. Use energising or calming smells to alter your mental state.
  • Be creative - Colour-in a colouring book. Make music. Paint. Craft. Knit. Let go of doing things the 'right way'.
  • Move Your Body - Any exercise will help reduce stress, so do what you love. Lift weights, run, dance, whatever. However, a regular yoga practise is great to de-stress.

Complimentary Call with a Health Coach

Ready to take your work performance to the next level?

Discover why having an ongoing commitment to better health will lead to greater results in work and life. To do this in the shortest time and make sure it sticks - you need a Health coach!

  • Learn what to do when motivation and willpower let you down
  • Get a personalised plan according to your specific needs & health goals
  • Learn what YOU need to focus on to have better health!

Why do you need to start TODAY?

Getting enough good quality sleep and managing your stress level is essential for overall wellbeing!

Studies have found insufficient sleep is linked to your risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and more. Lack of sleep can also impair your cognition, your concentration, even your memory retention.

It's well known that chronic stress leads to poor health, causing headaches, insomnia, depression, anxiety, type 2 diabetes, heart disease & back pain. It also affects your digestion, breathing & immune system. Your whole body is impacted.

So if you want to be productive at work and live your best life, you need to maximise your ENERGY! Start this by building positive sleep and stress habits!

What do you need to know?

Although the recommended amount of sleep for adults is 7-9 hours each night, this changes over your lifetime. Some older adults can perform just fine with 6-7 hours sleep.

But use this as intended - a guide. Review your personal health, daily activities and sleep needs. Listen to your body. Remember every body is unique.

It’s also not a realistic goal to eliminate ALL of your stress. However, by following the habits above you can start to manage your stress better when it hits hardest.

Finding the best stress relief strategies for YOU may also take some experimenting, and some strategies may take practice to become more effective.

Most importantly, know that you CAN make a difference to your sleep and stress. Just focus on improving one thing at a time.

Remember a few things..

  • Setbacks and barriers to progress are normal and are to be expected
  • Consistency is WAY more important than bursts of action
  • Give yourself a break! It's not about how many times you 'fail' but how many times you pick yourself up and keep going
  • I'm here for you, able and willing, to help you get on track!