You made it, your recommended habits will ..

Enrich Your Lifestyle

Most of us 'know what to do' to improve our Lifestyle, but we have a super hard time implementing these actions! 

So how do you actually make a shift? Start with the low hanging fruit and build momentum as you transform your Diet and Physical Activity!

Choose a couple of the habits below and experiment with them for at least 30 days before saying they don't work. Some won't stick, but some will make ALL the difference!

First - A Thought on Behaviour Change

When we set out to change our habits, we tend to set our goals and expectations unreasonably high, setting ourselves up to fail in the process. Instead of being attached to the goal, be committed to consistent actions that will take you to your goal. Focus on the journey and let the destination take care of itself.

How do you do this? Determine how much time could you realistically spare for your new habits each week. It may only be 5 minutes a day, or one 30 minute block. Whatever it is, make this the absolute minimum time commitment to developing this habit every week! And if the time you chose initially is too much, then revise and commit less time.

Whatever time you do commit to, it wants to feel totally manageable and achievable. If you do more you'll feel MORE successful and accomplished, view it as a bonus! The alternative is trying for too much, and feeling like a failure because you can't meet this the majority of the time. And give yourself a break, 5 days a week of a 'daily' habit will still make a huge difference in your life!

How to Improve Your Diet

  • Stay hydrated - Drink 30ml per 1kg bodyweight of plain water every day. Keep an open bottle on your desk. Drink more on hot days or days you exercise.
  • Portion control - Use smaller plates. Use plates that contast the colour of your food. Order entree size meals. Don't eat straight from the packet or bag.
  • Eat the rainbow - Add vegies to every meal, even breakfast! Buy and try a new ingredient every week.
  • Check your signals - Your hunger could be an emotional response or caused by sleep deprivation. Or you may just be thirsty, so have a drink before eating.
  • Reduce alcohol - Every fortnight add 1 more alcohol free day. Find a low or no alcohol replacement. Have a maximum drink limit, both per day and per week.
  • Mindful eating - Turn off the TV & mobiles during meals. Chew 20+ times before swallowing.
  • Switch out - Avoid sweet sauces, use olive oil & balsamic vinegar. Limit takeaway, cook simple meals with whole foods. Avoid fast sugar, eat low GI carbs. 
  • Do a diet audit - Record everything you eat and drink for 4 days, including at least 1 weekend day. Leave the judgement behind. Get clarity to make better choices.

How to Improve Your Physical Activity

  • Just walk - Go alone, with the dog, or with friends. Walking should never be underestimated. Will all the sitting we do, walking is often the first step!
  • Get social - Join a club, team or class. Be surrounded by others. Be competitive. Laugh and sweat together.
  • Get outdoors - Move your body out in nature. Go bushwalking or open water swimming. Even gardening in the back yard or visit the local park.
  • Get clear - Work out what area of your physical health needs improving. Fitness, Strength, Mobility, Balance. Specific exercises will address some better than others.
  • Track your data - What gets measured gets managed. Buy a fitness tracker. Be 10% better each week.
  • Register for an event - Work towards a set deadline. Push yourself. Make training a part of life. Then repeat for the next event.
  • Buy equipment - Get what you actually will use. Good running shoes, a skipping rope, a kettlebell and a yoga mat will go a long way to building strength and fitness.
  • Have a Plan B - Don't be derailed by poor weather, sickness, holidays or deadlines. Always have a backup plan! It could simply be a different workout or location.

Complimentary Call with a Health Coach

Ready to take your work performance to the next level?

Discover why having an ongoing commitment to better health will lead to greater results in work and life. To do this in the shortest time and make sure it sticks - you need a Health coach!

  • Learn what to do when motivation and willpower let you down
  • Get a personalised plan according to your specific needs & health goals
  • Learn what YOU need to focus on to have better health!

Why do you need to start TODAY?

I'm sure you KNOW that eating well and moving more is a good idea. You've probably tried to do this at least a handful of times over the years! But why is it so important?

What you eat is the building blocks for growing and maintaining your body. Without the right fuel, how can you expect your engine (ie your body) to run well?

A poor diet leaves you at risk to disease, infection, fatigue, and low performance. Eating a nutritious balanced diet will protect your against obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, and more.

If exercise were in a pill, it would fly off the shelves the benefits are so good! It helps prevent or manage nearly ALL conditions and diseases. It improves your mood, promotes sleep, protects your brain function, and it can be FUN!

So start working out what habits are the best fit for you, learn how to make them stick and finally get your LIFESTYLE on track! You need this to be as productive and successful as you want to be!

What do you need to know?

Bouncing between diets is a losing game (you probably know this already). Instead, identify and stick to healthy eating principles - like eating vege with every meal.

Your emotions can also become entangled with your eating at times. Your poor diet may be the symptom not the core issue. Be honest (and gentle) with yourself, and see if there is anything emotional to be resolved. Address this and your diet may improve naturally.

As for activity, maybe you've bought a gym membership thinking that will solve your problems, but all you got was an expensive keyring as the dust collects on your gym gear..

Work out your preferences for physical activity. Do you like to exercise - Outside or inside? Alone or with others? Structured or unstructured? Knowing this will boost your activity, because you'll be doing something you want to do!

Just remember, any previous attempt at changing your diet and exercise doesn't predict your ability to change things in the future. Learn from them, and try try again.

Remember a few things..

  • Setbacks and barriers to progress are normal and are to be expected
  • Consistency is WAY more important than bursts of action
  • Give yourself a break! It's not about how many times you 'fail' but how many times you pick yourself up and keep going
  • I'm here for you, able and willing, to help you get on track!