You made it, your recommended habits will ..

Elevate Your Environment

Elevate Your Environment

Your Environment has a far greater impact on your health, performance and quality of life than you probably realise.

If your surroundings aren't supportive everything can seem to work against you! Instead, be proactive about improving your Social and Physical Environment!

Choose a couple of the habits below and experiment with them for at least 30 days before saying they don't work. Some won't stick, but some will make ALL the difference!

First - A Thought on Behaviour Change

When we set out to change our habits, we tend to set our goals and expectations unreasonably high, setting ourselves up to fail in the process. Instead of being attached to the goal, be committed to consistent actions that will take you to your goal. Focus on the journey and let the destination take care of itself.

How do you do this? Determine how much time could you realistically spare for your new habits each week. It may only be 5 minutes a day, or one 30 minute block. Whatever it is, make this the absolute minimum time commitment to developing this habit every week! And if the time you chose initially is too much, then revise and commit less time.

Whatever time you do commit to, it wants to feel totally manageable and achievable. If you do more you'll feel MORE successful and accomplished, view it as a bonus! The alternative is trying for too much, and feeling like a failure because you can't meet this the majority of the time. And give yourself a break, 5 days a week of a 'daily' habit will still make a huge difference in your life!

How to Improve Your Social Environment

  • Engage with Faith - Feel a sense of belonging. Regularly attend your Church, Synagogue or Mosque. Or embrace spirituality with like-minded people.
  • Bond Over Shared Interests - Find others who love what you love. Then enjoy your hobby together, both in person and online. Aim for at least weekly. 
  • Just smile more - Boost your feelings of positivity. Increase your confidence. Appear more attractive. Draw people to you. It also tells yourself "Life is good!".
  • Connect with colleagues - They are people too, just like you. Show interest in them. Learn about their family. Share experiences. Build memories.
  • More time offline - Social media has it's place, but we live in a real world. Take a digital detox. Put your phone on aeroplane mode. Visit your friends house.
  • Improve your communication Listen to understand, not to respond. Learn body language. Speak into other people's love languages. Learn what your values are.
  • The check-in call - Take 5 minutes and call someone you care about. Just say "Hi, how are you, I'm thinking of you". Anything extra is a bonus. Try for 1 a day.
  • Eat together - Turn off the TV and put the phones down. Sit at the table. Share what happened that day. Improve dietary habits at the same time.

How to Improve Your Physical Environment

  • Tidy home tidy mind - Be regular and consistent in cleaning and tidying your spaces. Mess can negatively affect your mental health and reduce motivation.
  • Delight your senses - Play your favourite music. Display meaningful photos or artworks. Bring nature indoors. Decorate with colours that enliven you.
  • Allocate space - Dedicate spaces to habits. Mark out a workout area. Have a reading chair. Bring order to your pantry and office with labelled containers.
  • Make your bed daily - Start your day with a sense of accomplishment. Enjoy increased productivity.
  • Reduce the background noise - Turn the TV off if you're not watching it. Play natural sounds to mask urban sounds. Plant trees as a noise screen.  
  • Do 1 thing more - When you feel like stopping, clean 1 more dish or put away 1 more item. Over the course of a week, you'll finish far more than you planned.
  • Enhance the light - Keep windows open and blinds up. Get new globes and lamps to boost your mood.
  • Minimise clutter - Clean out high traffic areas.  Only buy what you need. Own items with more than 1 function. If you haven't used it in 1 year, move it on.

Complimentary Call with a Health Coach

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Discover why having an ongoing commitment to better health will lead to greater results in work and life. To do this in the shortest time and make sure it sticks - you need a Health coach!

  • Learn what to do when motivation and willpower let you down
  • Get a personalised plan according to your specific needs & health goals
  • Learn what YOU need to focus on to have better health!

Why do you need to start TODAY?

The social and physical environments you live in contribute a huge amount to your overall health, a fact often not discussed.

You are a social creature, and do MUCH better when you're with others. But we're all busy, frantically rushing from one activity to the next! Social media can be as destructive as we feel it's beneficial, and the humble conversation is giving way to more leisure time with technology (often done alone).

Did you know your physical environment can cause conditions like stroke, cancer, asthma, or depression? Not only this, it can also negatively impact your behaviours and motivation. You have limited control over some things (ie air and sound pollution) so it's essential to act where you can.

Make improving your ENVIRONMENT a priority. Be more aware in your social life, and more intentional in your physical spaces, to have the work performance and better health you want.

What do you need to know?

A sense of belonging offers us comfort and safety, so look for ways to come together and connect with other people. More importantly, find YOUR people, connect with YOUR tribe. 

Also, think about the people you spend most of your time with. Do you aspire to be like these people? If not, you may benefit from being around those that inspire you to grow yourself.

Reflect on how safe and at peace you feel in your home and work spaces. If you don't feel safe and can't relax, you'll likely have increased stress levels and impaired performance. 

Air quality is one of the most important aspects of your physical environment, but also can't be managed by behaviours alone. If required, consider using an appropriate filtration system.

I can assure you, that any effort to improve your social and physical environments will result in a healthier and happier you!

Remember a few things..

  • Setbacks and barriers to progress are normal and are to be expected
  • Consistency is WAY more important than bursts of action
  • Give yourself a break! It's not about how many times you 'fail' but how many times you pick yourself up and keep going
  • I'm here for you, able and willing, to help you get on track!