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To Transform your Quality of Life, you need to take Deliberate Action

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This isn't a typical fitness or weight loss website - what I offer is different. Instead of complicated programs and recipes you'll never make, I offer a simple proven method to go from idea to action to better health. After 10+ years of helping thousands of people transform their health, I've found that these 3 principles make all the difference:

Get Clarity

Try getting anywhere without a map or even a vague direction. Doesn't work right? It's key to know your starting point, where you're heading, and to reassess often. Master this process to make the way forward obvious.

Be Consistent

We all want the quick fix, but this only results in a rollercoaster of too much or too little effort. Sustainable success comes over the long term, by forging new habits and behaviours. Create who you want to be deliberately!

Own Your Actions

The person who has the final say in what you think or do is YOU. So why do we break our word to ourselves everyday! This HAS to change! Learn to build systems to be more accountable and stop accepting any more excuses.


When I turned 28 my uncle asked me where I wanted to be when I was 35, I told him in rich detail about how my life would look - wife, kids, career, property - you know the typical suburban dream. He asked "What am I doing to achieve this", I could only reply.. "Nothing"..

I had been floating through life, with no real sense of direction and only fleeting accomplishments. This vision was a dream not a reality, and I realised if I wanted this future life then I had to go get it myself, no-one else was going to get it for me. So..

I started down a road of DELIBERATE ACTION.

I got clear on exactly what I wanted from life, and what I had to do to get it. I left my corporate job and went back to university, training in a totally new field but one my heart called to. I took a leap of faith, backing myself to do whatever it took to make it work.

I identified skills I would need and sought ways to learn them, becoming adept in their consistent application over time. I took on opportunities and challenges that tested me and offered great learning, through either success or failure.

And all through it all - the wins, losses, brick walls, setbacks, detours,  - it was all seen as a stepping stone towards eventual success. Whatever life dished out was an opportunity to learn more and do better. I owned my actions and outcomes like never before.


All this is possible for you too. Whether it's better health, more energy, greater comfort in your body, to manage health conditions or disease risk, or just taking on life in a totally new and powerful way!

I invite you to come on the journey with me, and we'll transform your life together!


This is the first time I’ve been given a clear overview.

" Thank you for the explanation about resetting my posture. I’ve been told frequently that my posture needs correcting to address my pain issues, and despite a lot of stretch and strengthening programs, this is the first time I’ve been given a clear overview that I can practice each day"

Sharon Parfait


These stretches helped just following you today!

" Fantastic thankyou! My shoulders and neck have been giving me grief for years. I will continue with these stretches as helped just following you today!"

Diana B.


The main benefit was ACTION!

" His advice was so simple. I wanted to walk 10,000 steps a day but couldn't and felt a failure. Michael suggested to walk 10 minutes 5x/wk. Simple. Doable. Now, I often walk for more than 10 minutes and feel buoyant. Like I'd given a gift to myself. So much better than feeling a failure!

The routine changed my mindset and I started jumping out of bed to go for a walk!"

Kerry Levi



MK with a kettlebell

I'm an exercise physiologist & health coach on a mission to unlock my client's potential and dramatically improve their quality of life.

I've specialised in behaviour change and habits as they relate to overall health and lifestyle. For the past 10+ years I've been on a deliberate journey, crafting my unique approach on how to get you off the fence, and get into consistent action towards your ideal future. I'm driven to create this work, specifically to share it with people like YOU!

I've been fortunate to have positively impacted tens of thousands on their health journeys by helping them:

  • Reduce stress & eliminate pain
  • Increase strength & fitness
  • Attain higher levels of confidence & quality of life

I've been able to connect with clients in a personalised & empathetic way, and offer specific guidance on the actions that will bring next level results. This is due to having worked & trained in a broad range of settings:

  • Postnatal exercise to balance training
  • Chronic disease management to acute injury care
  • Clinical to gym to corporate settings
  • Managing wellness programs of 10,000 people, to 1:1 consultations

I've written more than 500 articles on exercise, nutrition, chronic diseases, men’s & women’s health, and much more. I'm well known for being a caring and enthusiastic optimist, loving to offer a different perspective on what people face in life, and sharing the skills and systems that make living easier.

(I also love to stay active with barbells and kettlebells.)

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